Our Champions HD archive was created and published to enable our kind Visitors free consultation with key data on spent competitions. Archived data are proposed by their simple graphical representation which, in addition to its relevant period, shows the names of the horses that participated in the race and the preferences that have been expressed for each cavallo.The different heights of the related colored bars allow quick check of the different positions reached by competitors. Besides the aforementioned chart, also it stores the respective number report the same result. In this archive you can see the pictures of each horse that has participated in the race and archived the exclusive result of its service "Photo News." Recall that Photo News includes the service "Winners of the day", which shows the images of horses that have reached the top three positions in each day of the race ended. The CHD archive also presents the results obtained by each preferably CHD team has regularly participated in each team race.The preferences CHD are shown graphs and numerical reporting of results, as well as any identifying information of the team in the race, in the specific and complete archive version. The CHD archive is completely free and available at all times without any limitation.We wish you a good vision.

Hellen Dalton